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The official SeekTheLight preset pack.


Using preset 04.

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The presets included in this pack are perfect for just about every type of work that asks for film-like tones and contrasted levels. Your purchase includes seven colored presets, and three black and whites. Perfect for any work that includes people, semi-harsh light, or green-filled landscapes.

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"These presets are a wonderful starting point! They are moody, earthy and just the right amount of grainy, with muted greens. I think they look best used on portraits & scenes captured around golden hour, but they are pretty versatile! Highly recommend purchasing them to have them in your back pocket." - Kyara Englund

"These presets are honestly so beautiful and creative. They have really contributed to my overall style and brand, and I love being a part of a community that has the same presets but different and unique visions. I'm so glad I purchased the STL Preset Pack." - Kimera Basore

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